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Restoration and conservation

About us:

About the Company: DEMSKI-RENOWACJE Construction Company originates from the generation-spanning MAXBUD – Eugeniusz Demski Construction Company, which has operated on the market since 1986.

We provide the following expert services:

– laser cleaning of historic landmarks,

– comprehensive restoration of historic landmarks,

– conservation of monuments.

We carry out the following:

– laser cleaning of historic landmarks,

– conservation of architectural details made of natural stone, ceramics, wood
and metal,

– reconstruction of virtually any type of defect, while staying true to the architectural style of a particular property,

– preparing working designs, in the scope of comprehensive renovations of
historic landmarks,

– designing methods of execution adapted to each individual building.


We cooperate with the following manufacturers:

Laser Renovation:

Laser Cleaning: laser ablation

– Multiple layers are removed using the so-called ‘laser ablation’, which consists in precise removal of layers with a laser beam. Provided that the correct power density has been set, we can remove contamination from virtually any type of surface, in a safe and accurate manner. As a result of a laser beam coming into contact with the surface of a particular material, there occurs an exchange of energy between the applied laser light and the material being cleaned. When surfaces of materials are exposed to radiation, by means of a laser pulse of appropriate density, various types of multiple layers are evaporated selectively. The use of very short laser pulses guarantees that a layer is removed within a period of time short enough for the material to absorb very little amount of heat.


Ecological – environmentally friendly

No abrasive materials are used in the process

Zero production of chemical contamination

Zero noise

Significant energy conservation

We provide laser cleaning for the following materials:






Completed Projects

Laser Cleaning


Completed Projects

Restoration and Conservation

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